Collect feedback and build products that your customers love.

Talo is an all-in-one product development tool seamlessly integrated to your application.
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The easiest way to capture your users' feedback, straight from your app

Forget your messy spreadsheets, notes and Trello boards.
Gather and consolidate all the product ideas in a centralized platform, integrated in a widget.

Discover what your customers really care about

Stop guessing what is best for your users. Engaging with them has never been easier. Unveil inefficiencies, bugs and develop features your users really need.  
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Automatically notify your users about product updates

Let your users know that their problem is solved, or their key-feature released. Increase your retention, and gain loyal and happy customers.
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Share your product roadmap with your customers

Keep an organised place to share your product roadmap and your recent product achievements.
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Talo integrates perfectly with your workflow.

Discover why 250+ businesses are using Talo

The average employee spends on average 5.3 hours a day to collect, consolidate
and understand customer feedback. Talo aims to solve that.


Find the product
market fit


Drive growth and retain
loyal customers


Seek for innovation in
new product launches
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"Thanks to Talo, we have changed our approach. We are now outcome rather than output driven"

Daniel Rasbi

Head of Product
"Developing a product that customers want is not enough. We needed to create what they couldn't live without."

Emanuel Lewis

Product Owner
"We discovered multiple flaws that were increasing our churn rate. Talo allowed us to spot them and improve our retention rate."

Jessica Aarons

UX Designer